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2019 is a special year in Black American history. On a national level, 2019 marks the 400th year of Black Americans in the United States. The first documented Black Americans were enslaved and brought on ships to Jamestown (present-day is Virginia) in 1619. On a local level, 2019 represents two brutal moments for Black Chicagoans: the 100th anniversary of the Chicago Race Riots and the 50th Anniversary since the assassination of Fred Hampton. The Race Riots occurred in the summer of 1919 and was fueled by racial hatred and violence perpetrated by whites. Fred Hampton was the Chairman of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party which was headquartered in Chicago. In addition to coordinating the Black Panther Party's 10-Point Plan, community initiatives such as the free breakfast  program, and the Black Panther Party newspaper sells, club, the Chairman initiated a multicultural, Rainbow coalition. Fred Hampton and a Mark Clark were assassinated by Chicago Police in Hampton's apartment in 1969.

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